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Selected Fajin Movements

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Online Training Tai Chi, Chen Stil Taiji, fajin
Sat 29 May 2021 4:00 pm - 6:00 pm
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4-6 pm (european time) --> In this class we will work on selected fajin movements of the first form/ road (Yilu)

You don´t need to know the first or second form resp. the whole movements of the form to join this course. We will practice the fajin as a relativly easy, isolated movements and focus on the quality of the fajin. Further we will do some research on the underlying principles of good fajin.
One aspect is, that the main power of the movements is not coming from arms and shoulders, but from grounded feet, legs and lower back. Other aspects are the relaxation of the upper body and alignment of the whole body with the Dantian.

Part One:
- "Elevator Faijin" (short execises for narrow spaces and quick but regulary practice in daily live)
- Basic requirements

Part Two:
We choose the following movements of the first form:

2. Qi shi (Commencing movement)/ 2x (number of fajins)
4. Lan zha yi (Lazily tying the coat)/ 2x
6. Dan bian (Single whip)/ 3x
15. Yan shou gong chui (Hidden punch)/ 2x
16. Shizi shou (Cross hands)/ 1x
19. Qing long chu shui (blue-green dragon)/ 2x
25. Zhong Pan (Middle winding)/ 1x
28. Shan tong bei (Dodge through the back)/ 4x
33. Gao tanma (Mounted scout)/ 1x
40. Hu xin (protect the heart and strike)/ 1x
42. You deng yi gen (Right heel kick)/ 1x
43. Hai di fan hua (turn the flower on the seabed)/ 2x
45. Xiao qin da (small capture and punch)/ 1x
56. Shuang Zhen Jiao (Stamp with both feet)/ 1x
84. Shang bu qilin (step foreward and ride the unicorn)/ 2x
87. Dang tou pao (Hitting the head)/ 1x

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