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Chen Taiji - Yilu Section 5

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Online Training Chen Taiji (Tai Chi) & Qigong
Thu 28 January 2021 6:30 pm - 7:30 pm
Weekly on Thursday until March 4, 2021
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Section 5
Thursdays from14th January untill the 4th March (8x)
We will slowly go through section 5 of the first Road (Yilu) of Chen Yu/ CTND Style Taijiquan.
The main aspect of this course is to learn section 5 in detail in order to learn the movements from the scratch or to improve the movements if learned before. We roughly do one or two movements of section 5 per class starting on the 14 th of January 2021. I will integrate some basic work to improve body structure. Every movement will be separate into its different "corners" in order to grasp resp. remember the crucial parts of every movement and in order to find a deeper  and more structured flow of movements afterwards.
German poeple can submit the certificate after the course to their health insuranse and 75 € will be refunded.

estimated movments within 8 weeks:

46. 抱头推山 (金丝缠腕) Bao tou tui shan (Jin si chan wan)

    Hold head and push mountain (wrap the golden silk around the wrist)

47. 三换掌 San huan zhang

    Three palm changes

48. 六封四闭 Liu feng si bi

    Six times sealed, four times closed

49. 单鞭 Dan bian

    Single whip

50. 前招 Qian zhao

    Forward maneuver (lure forward)

51. 后招 Hou zhao

    Backward maneuver (lure backward)

52. 右野马分鬃 You yema fen zong

    Part the wild horse’s mane right

53. 左野马分鬃 Zuo yema fen zong

    Part the wild horse’s mane left

54. 大六封四闭 Da liu feng si bi

    Six times sealed, four times closed

55. 单鞭 Dan bian

    Single whip

56. 双震脚 Shuang zhen jiao

    Stamp with both feet

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14th Jan - 4th Mar
105.00 € price for 8 classes
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