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Basic Extra - Burning Legs

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Chenstyle Taijiquan Basics
Sat 30 July 2022 4:30 pm - 7:00 pm
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How to make your legs "burn"? In which way do strong legs relate to a healthy spine?  Why is it important to build strong legs and how does relaxation relate to it? In this class we will research these questions in one basic exercise. We will repeat the posture of the basic stance in different heights. Additionally, we will elaborate the principles of shifting weight. 

We will work on the basic and universal principles of taijiquan and combine the physical and mental aspects. With this class you can deepen your quality in your taiji-training and transfer it to all other exercises/forms.

To make sure, to get the most out of the class, everybody will obtain several verbal "corrections". While some get verbal input, others can practice in the meanwhile or watch and observe. Also, there will be much space to ask questions and share experience.

If you have physical or mental issues, you can use this class to work on and improve these issues.
When you have questions, please don´t hesitate to send me an Email.

The aim is to really understand the principles of how to make your legs "burn".
There will be no videos/ recordings of the class.

# how to address pain in your knees
# build a strong and healthy lower back
# relaxation
# training with little time

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