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Basic Extra - Burning Legs

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Chenstyle Taijiquan Basics
Sat 15 January 2022 5:00 pm - 6:30 pm
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In which way do strong legs relate to a HEALTHY SPINE? What is the precondition to build a basis for healthy movements for your spine? Why is it important to build STRONG LEGS and what does RELAXATION have to do with it?

These questions will be adressed in theory and then experienced in practical work with basically one exercise. After preparing and explaining theoretical ideas we will have an intense sequence repeating the basic stance, the MABU, and highlight different aspects in both, standing as well as moving. The aim is, to prepare properly for the BASIC MECHANICS of the Chen Yu system which later can develop the so called "Beisikou".

You will understand why it is so important to build a sound structure of the legs with feet, Knees and pelvis and also why this is important for a more subtle and energetic work.

This class is suitable for you, if you ...
- are interessted to improve the strength of your legs.
- are interesetd to improve the mobility of your hipjoints.
- want to relax deeper.
- often feel tensed and have difficulties to relax, also after practicing Taiji.
- think your taiji-movements are ok, but you kind of find yourself at a trainingplateau.
- have pain in your lower back or your knees.
- are interessted in anatomical backgrounds.
- are keen to work on the link between body, mentality, and nervesystem.
- want to blow up boundaries.
- if you see the training as a long term challenge.

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