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As a disciple 弟子 of Chen Yu, Nabil Ranné teaches in the 12th generation of the founding family Chen Taijiquan. Nabil is a well-known instructor in Europe, holds a doctorate in sports sciences, has published a book on the history and development of Chen-Style Taijiquan and various other articles on the subject. He acts as a supervising trainer of the Chen-Style Taijiquan Netzwerk (CTND).

Nabil learned Chen Yu's unique method in a small family setting and spent several years in intensive training, especially in China and Australia. Chen Yu Taiji is extremely precise, compact and powerful. Nabil teaches this rich martial movement art in his Berlin school. He offers classes in German, English and Chinese and holds many national and international workshops. His main interest is to preserve, research and pass on this extraordinary Taijiquan lineage of Chen Fake and Chen Zhaokui and to teach its exact methodology with a lot of passion & enthusiasm.