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Monique Bogedein – Lehrerin für Taijiquan (Tai Chi Chuan) in Fürstenwalde/Spree
Fürstenwalde/Spree and Berlin

Since 2015, Monique Bogedein has been training at the CTND (Chen Style Taijiquan Network Germany) with Nabil Ranné in Berlin. There she discovered her passion for the Taijiquan training system in the tradition of Chen Yu. She has been an assistant teacher at the CTND since 2019 and became a certified course instructor in 2022. She teaches in Berlin, Fürstenwalde/Spree and online - also assisting at various workshops and seminars.

Monique sees taiji as a lifelong body training and passing on this traditional method has become her vocation. She eagerly transmits the holistic approach of Taiji Gongfu, teaching how to improve one’s sense of movement, develop a healthier body and an alert and serene mind through training. She enjoys helping and empowering others, making it possible for people to recognize, develop and live up to their potential.

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