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CTND Berlin
Johannes Falkenburg, born in 1985, was interested in meditation and martial arts from early age on. At the age of 15, a farsighted physiotherapist sent him to learn Taiji and Qigong. Over the years he got to know different forms of Qigong and martial arts. Even though he learned for almost 10 years in other lineages of Chen-Taijiquan (including several months' stay in Chen Taiji village in China), he often encountered inconsistencies between different training systems he followed. This puzzle came together when he discovered Chen Taiji after Chen Yu through Nabil Ranné in 2015. Since 2018, Johannes serves as an instructor at the CTND Berlin school. Being a physicist by university degree and having a deep background in Qigong and meditation practice colors his particular understanding of this Taiji training method.

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