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Filip Gutknech-Stöhr has been practicing and teaching Taijiquan for roughly 20 years now. His education as sport therapist built the basis for a profound understanding of the muscosceletal system. In 2003 he got familiar with Chen-Style Taijiquan and stuck to it since then. In his opinion Chen Yu's training system (and thus the concept of the CTN Academy) is one of the most comprehensive and accurate training systems he got familiar with. Its principles and training methods have an extraordinary high potential regarding health benefits as well as martial arts activities. Filip is a very motivated student of Nabil Ranné as well as Chen Shi-Wu, the son of Chen Yu, with whom he is regulary attending intense teaching sessions in the private setting of Chen Yu's home. In his classes he puts a strong value on movement details, as these usually consitute a limiting factor if not considered appropriately in the beginning of one's training.

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