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Chen Taijiquan: Curated Online Learning

In addition to the live-classes we want to offer some more options how you can learn our Chen Taijiquan. 

Subscription and eLearning



  • live recordings
  • eLibrary 
  • 5% discount
  • live classes

You gain entry into our Chen Taijiquan eLibrary which includes foundational exercises, form practice, theory and more. You will get access to a structured curriculum including videos and texts. Plus you get a 5% discount on Nabil's live classes. 



  • live recordings
  • eLibrary 
  • 15% discount
  • 1 weekly class 

Get access to our Chen Taijiquan eLibrary with its structured contents and participate in the Monday live class (18:00 CET) with Nabil. Receive a 15% discount on all other of Nabil's live classes.



  • live recordings
  • eLibrary 
  • 15% discount
  • 2 weeklies  

Access to our Chen Taijiquan eLibrary plus you can participate in the Monday live class (18:00 CET) & the Tuesday live class (18:45 CET). The Monday about individual practice, on Tuesdays I go through the whole form in about 18 months. Receive a 15% discount on all other of Nabil's live classes. 

When is this something for you?

I think these criteria are quite simple but true. If you like to get physical, learn something deep and complex and have an affinity to martial arts, this can be great and change your life. If you heard "Tai-Chi" is a good thing, but don't really like to work out or if you need a lot of motivational help from your coach - I think I am not the right teacher. There are many great coaches out there who can help you with those things, but I'm not one of them. Don't get me wrong, I'm not a super elitist sort of guy - I just love to teach in a way so that our focus can be on the deep and complex art of Taijiquan. 

Live recordings

A lot of our live classes feature recordings of the sessions with great contents. We want to make them longer available but need to download and then upload them on another server because of the limited cloud storage on Zoom. This will enable you to view the recordings of the sessions you booked with Nabil whenever you like and not just for a couple of weeks.

Excerpt from a live class:


In addition to the live-classes we want to offer a self-paced learning option so you can get instructions basically independent of the timezone or your working hours. This is also called asynchronous learning. There is also a private Facebook-Group (or in our forum if you prefer) where you can upload videos and ask questions! 

We think this makes a lot of sense especially in addition to the live classes we already offer. But we don't want it to be completely anonymous as this is neither beneficial for teacher nor student. So please write an email or a short introduction into our group and let us know who you are!

The eLibrary is still a bit under construction but it is being expanded continuously. The whole eLibrary will feature "standardized" learning which I call level 1 or level 2 learning and which is suited to learn the basics and the shape of this Taijiquan frame. If you want to improve your Taijiquan, are open and friendly and you want to help us to make this really, really substantial, then this is for you.

"Thank you SO much for the incredible work with the eLibrary and theory classes!! Jesus, it’s quite overwhelming, but it’s unbelievably great! I wish I would have had access to this 15 years ago. My life would not have been the same!"

Erik Eriksson,, Sweden

Introduction to the curated e-learning program:

Example from an eLibrary segment:

 Weekly class 

There is a new live class on Mondays just for subscribers. So the "explorer" and "committed" subscriptions will enable you to participate in that class and also get the benefits of the eLibrary - so this is really a curated online learning experience with both self-paced online learning plus eLearning tools in the eLibrary. The Monday class is more individual where we can discuss training in general, concepts you want to work on and the like. For the "committed" subscription there is another live class as well on Tuesdays (18:45 CET). On Tuesdays I will do a full circle of the first form (yilu) which lasts about 18 months more or less (with normal holidays and so on in between).   

Online Coaching 1:1


"Training Taiji online with Nabil has been a highly rewarding and enriching experience. The art itself is deep, nuanced, comprehensive, and methodical - making my experience learning from Nabil even more impressive as I am able to progress decently through the internet half the world away. In particular, Nabil's ability and open-mindedness to take into account my kinesthetic, martial, and bodily knowledge, and use it as a basis to explain and teach Taijiquan concepts has been absolutely invaluable in helping me understand and grow in the art. I feel that this learning through the use of modern online tools is still akin to the way arts were passed on traditionally."

卢俊诚, Malaysia

The idea of our endeavor here is to make online teaching as organic as possible and to support those who want to practise it well. Thus we want to help the art get a wider recognition through more quality training. This coaching offers a path for Taijiquan teachers and advanced students, it is based on mutual commitment over a limited period of time (3 months) to support those who want to improve their practice and understanding.

 Here you get more info on the Taiji online coaching