1. Please test your setup.
  2. Arrive early if you can.
  3. Mute your audio when you don't speak.
  4. Please read our Liability Disclaimer and Terms and Conditions before class.
  5. Don't multi-task but stay present even when you to take a rest.
  6. You can use audio, the chat function or the reaction icon to make yourself heard during class. But please only speak when noone else is talking!
  7. Please switch the video on when we talk, connect and discuss contents, you can switch the camera off during frontal coaching parts to save CO2. But when we share stuff it is nice to see each other! 
  8. Please be aware that the session might be recorded and made available online to all those who booked this cource. You can switch off your video while you speak if you don't want that!
  9. This is a place where Taijiquan enthusiasts from all the word can meet up to lern. Let us all make this a great and friendly learning environment for everyone!
Nabil Help Etiquettes


Booking Process

To help you book a class, here is a step by step explanation of the booking process!
Please make sure you read through these steps before booking a class!

Choose a single course or series which you find interesting.
Check the date. Is it already running? Can you still register?
Please read the description. If the event is a series, the price will be for the whole series. If it is a one-off or a private class, the price is for that event only of course. 

Are you still interested in the event and you want to book it? Then click on "BOOK THIS EVENT".

Fill in the fields with "*" and then click on "Go to payment".


Payment Method

The following payment methods are currently possible:
PayPal (you probably know this already)
Stripe (secure payment by credit card)
Mollie (payment by SOFORT Überweisung – bank transfer, credit card, PayPal, paysafe, S€PA).

Use your preferred payment method and confirm the terms and conditions. Now click on “Confirm and pay” and continue to follow the respective payment process.



At the end you will be redirected back to the

Now you can register. The registration is strongly recommended. Otherwise you will not have access to the recorded sessions which are usually accessible for at least 24 hrs after the respective session took place. 

You log in directly to all booked courses via MY ACCOUNT > MY EVENTS, which take place via Zoom.


Activation Link

You will receive an activation link which you have to click to finish your registration. If this email does not reach your inbox, please check your spam.

From now on you have an active account. You can check and update your profile if you like. As already described you also have a useful overview of your booked courses if you click on MY ACCOUNT in the main menu. Your booked events will feature login info and also feature video recordings if available. When you login best use JOIN MEETING IN APP rather than JOIN MEETING IN BROWSER. Depending on your browser the quality may differ. Please always make sure you are logged in to see the login data and available recordings.

Enjoy the CTN Academy and let us know if you have feedback so we can develop the school together as a great learning tool for our whole community.

If something doesn't work and you don't know how to login after reading the above, please CONTACT THE TEACHER of the respective course directly before class!

If you have further questions please go to our SUPPORT PAGE and drop us a message!

During the class, the following guidelines have proven to help us all to create a great learning environment for everyone. Please read them before your first class!