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"Training Taiji online with Nabil has been a highly rewarding and enriching experience. The art itself is deep, nuanced, comprehensive, and methodical - making my experience learning from Nabil even more impressive as I am able to progress decently through the internet half the world away. In particular, Nabil's ability and open-mindedness to take into account my kinesthetic, martial, and bodily knowledge, and use it as a basis to explain and teach Taijiquan concepts has been absolutely invaluable in helping me understand and grow in the art. I feel that this learning through the use of modern online tools is still akin to the way arts were passed on traditionally."

卢俊诚, Malaysia


Why Online Chen Taijiquan Coaching?


The idea of our endeavor here is to make online teaching as organic as possible and to support those who want to practise it well. Thus we want to help the art get a wider recognition through more quality training. From my experience I know that I am quite accessible as a teacher but I noticed that a clearer mutual commitment over a limited period of time (3 months) makes it easier to offer better support to those who want it. Thus trainer and student can commit to clear goals, I can give input according to these goals and lead the student through a training process and we can evaluate our goals at the end of the period. Maybe this all sounds quite "modern-ish" but I think it delineates in a way the traditional role of a teacher - just in the context of a more virtual world. I was also explicitly asked about online coaching and think it can complete our offer to fulfill our purpose so I would like to detail my thoughts here.

What's happening?

I would like to offer five slots to students who want to train in a more intense way and who would like to get some online support from me. The commitment should be there to practice about three hours per week. More practice is possible :) So this offer is for at least somewhat experienced people who have a clear plan and ambition and also for those who teach the art and who want to make progress.  

This is individual coaching, 1:1, and it focuses on how to practise our Chen Taijiquan well, as an integrated and holistic martial body method, which is why it is also called an internal martial art. In a way it is a very effective combination of martial art, health practice and mind method. 

What's in it?

At the moment the price is 139 EUR per month, for a minimum of 3 months after which we should have an evaluation of the progress made. However, both sides can cancel the arrangement in the first month. We need to have a certain amount of trust and understanding for one another so please get into touch first and we can arrange a call via Skype, Zoom or the like. 

Depending on your training level we can discuss your ambitions and your training routine. I will lead you with videos through your practice and you can contact me online to get feedback concerning your training on a regular basis. We can arrange two 30 min. online coaching private sessions a month to help you make fast progress in the right direction. The idea is not to over-coach but give you meaningful tools for your practice. Plus you can send me videos of your practice once a week and get very concise feedback on your form practice. We will have a forum to share ideas, support, videos etc. if wanted.  


How do we proceed?

So if you like to get training from Nabil to help you in your understanding and practice, to explain and support you, to lead you into self-empowerment and autonomy, this might be for you. If you are interested please contact me here. We need to make sure that the chemistry works between us so please get into touch before both sides make any commitments. 

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