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Online Learning Formats

As the Taijiquan school is kind of set up now I thought it makes sense to talk a bit on how we teach, the reason's behind it, the prospects and also the values behind our school. Hopefully you enjoy learning a bit more about our online training.

I wrote another blog post about online learning in Taijiquan if you like to read a bit more about advantages and disadvantages of virtual classes.   

Online Curriculum

As most of the stuff we teach is not very easy to do we organized all learning into a curriculum. This consists of two main parts, one called "body method" and the other "martial method". I will probably do another blog post about this in future. We don't want to simplify our contents - that has been happening a lot to Taijiquan practice in the last century anyway. Rather we try to simplify the learning and help everyone study the complex contents in a structured way without changing the contents themselves. Nonetheless students will still need to be motivated to make the Taijiquan their own in the long run and to internalize it no matter how well structured the contents are.

Values in a virtual world

We see ourselves as a kind of a "normal school" even if we teach online. So we share a couple of values and think this is really important to enable a good learning environment. We are a quite diverse and international crowd with different backgrounds. So if you are looking for a serious Taijiquan practice, are tolerant, respectful and generally a nice person than maybe this school is something for you. 

If you have any questions just get back!

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