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Integrated Taijiquan Training

In the following video I explain two movements from the second road (paochui) of Chen Taijiquan and then I show some applications derived from these movements. So in the first part it is more about the functional and applicable bodywork which trains certain force routes 劲路 in the body, the second part is more about the martial work and how to use these forces in different situations. This is not (!) a self defense scenario or anything like that, it is more an exploration of how forces and a functional body/torso method 身法 can be applied in a technical sense. These exercises comprise the application training (yongfa) of Taijiquan and connect the bodywork and the martial work with one another so they become one. 

Form work and martial application

Without having an idea about the usage of movements we cannot really talk about intention 意念, energy 气 and such things in form practice as they are not grounded in anything real.

The movements I use here are "煞腰压肘拳 Stopping with the waist and pressing down with elbow and fist" and "井揽直入 Seizing the well and entering directly"

Please note: Don't try this at home or in an unsafe environment!

00:00 Explanation of the bodywork

04:55 Explanation of the martial work

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