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Thanks to the Beijing Academy and Chen Yu's wife Siyu for providing the text and allowing us to translate it in full! This is from 2013 and as it was conducted with students & disciples it is very casual.  

Note: Many technical terms are used here which might be difficult to understand outside of this lineage as their use often differs.chen yu taijiquan chenshi interview 2001

Chen Yu & Zhang Siyu (Yujie) with disciples from China and Hongkong

Xiamen: In the body twist jump in Erlu of Fan Hua Wu Xiu, what are the special points to consider to attain whole combined Jin (Zheng He Jin)?
Chen Yu Answer: Body, hands, elbows are coordinated (Pei He), to form one complete jin (Zheng Jin)

Tianjin: If we pull back the kua the buttocks will stick out, is that correct manner of practice?
Chen Yu Answer: No this is incorrect, when we pull back the kua, the buttocks cannot stick out.

Qingdao: What should we consider during Hai Di Fan Hua? I cannot express any Jin during this movement, it feels soft and floppy.
Chen Yu Answer: Pay attention to the body method (Shenfa), must all connect together.

Shaanxi: Everytime I practise, the kua (hips) cannot song (relax) properly, what am I doing wrong?
Chen Yu Answer: A look at your form practice would reveal the problem.

Zhejiang: There is too much Heng Qi (horizontal Qi), what is needed to sink Qi to dantien?
Chen Yu Answer: Exhale in a sigh, find the feeling of exhaling in a sigh.

Chang Zhe: In the Yilu routine, between Ji Di Chui (38 Punch the Ground) followed by Fan Shen Er Qi Jiao (39 Turn Over Body and Double Raise Foot), there is a Shen Xian Yi Ba Jua (The Immortal’s Palm Grab) move where there is a folding of the chest and waist Xiong Yao Zhe Die, is this executed with a center of weight change? If so, how is this center of weight change executed? Thank you.
Chen Yu Answer: Yes, utilise the body method to execute.

Beijing: How to practise and achieve the opening back of Mingmen?
Chen Yu Answer: Sink the waist Jin down, and the anus lifted.

Fushun: What is the difference between Shuang Bai Lian (62 Double Wave Lotus), Die Cha (63 Stretch Down) and Fu Hu (42 Subdue the Tiger from Erlu)? What are their differences in application?
Chen Yu Answer: One is Yilu, the other is Erlu, the forms differ.

Shanxi: Is my kua correctly song?
Siyu Answer: External 8 form, pay attention to He Jin
Chen Yu Answer: Your kua has no issue, but the feet and elbows have problems.

Hebei: Is there a simple way to train song kua?
Chen Yu Answer: No. Go find the feeling of sitting on chair.

Jiu Jiang: During the Lanzhayi movement where we sink and extend the jin, how many degrees of curvature should the knee go?
Chen Yu Answer: Knee should be perpendicular to toes.
Siyu: We do not train with sudden changes in height, therefore in Lanzhayi always maintain a similar height.

Shandong: With respect to external peng in the knees, how many degrees should the knees peng out?
Chen Yu Answer: Knee should be perpendicular to toes.

Fushun: Shuang Bai Lian (62 Double Wave Lotus) and Die Cha (63 Stretch Down) should they be executed stuck to the ground?
Siyu Answer: There is no sticking to the ground, wipe the ground and lift.

Shandong: Why does my Kua feel pain when I shift my center of weight, such as in Jing Gang Dao Dui.
Answer: Kuagen yet to song (relax), whole body has yet to combine together.

Jiangsu: Beisikou is found in every movement or only in certain ones?
Siyu Answer: Only in certain movements.

Fushun: What are the applications of Shuang Bai Lian (62 Double Wave Lotus) and Die Cha (63 Stretch Down)?
Chen Yu Answer: To attack the opponent’s lower body.

Haiyang: What should I pay attention to during Hai Di Fan Hua (Yilu 43 Turn over the Sea Flower) with my left foot and center of weight ?
Siyu Answer: Center of weight should stand stable.

Shandong: During practice, what should I do when I do not feel sufficient Peng Jin, and inability to focus?
Si Yu Answer: Haha, then compose yourself and focus!

Beijing: What is the application of Fu Hu (Erlu 42 Subdue the Tiger)?
Chen Yu: It can attack the lower body or middle body, hitting from below upwards.

Beijing: How should Yan Shou Gong Chui be executed with Tan Dou Jin?
Si Yu Answer: This requires much practice.

Beijing: What are the main points to perfect Er Ti Jiao (Yilu 39 Double Raise Foot)?
Chen Yu Answer: The hands carry the feet up.

Zhejiang: When will the new book be released?
Chen Yu Answer: It’s work in progress.

Baoding: Should I master the first 16 movements leading up to the third Jing Gang Dao Chui in order to improve faster?
Chen Yu Answer: Yes.

Fushun: How low should I go with Fu Hu (Erlu 42 Subdue the Tiger) ?
Chen Yu Answer: The buttocks should not go below the height of knees.
Si Yu Answer: During the squat, the thighs should not go below the parallel with the ground.

Shandong: How do we achieve central upright during movements.
Chen Yu Answer: Pay attention to Xu Ling Ding Jin, Qi Chen Dan Tien, Kua Gen Fang Song.

Tianjin: Does the face look at the sky during Fan Hua Wu Xiu (Erlu 39 Turnover Flowers Brandishing Sleeves)?
Si Yu Answer: Haha, don’t look at the sky.

Shandong: During the training, does the intention guard the Mingmen? Can you elaborate the requirements?
Chen Yu Answer: Intention should guard the Dan Tien instead.

Zhejiang: I am a Physical Education instructor, still a beginner in Chen Shi Taiji with a few movements. At this stage, can I push hands with high school students, let them wrestle and push me while I try to Hua?
Chen Yu Answer: You can.

Hong Kong: During the Middle Winding in Yilu, when lifting the right knee to hit out, my left standing leg is unstable. What could be the problem?
Chen Yu Answer: Kua Gen has yet to song, the whole body has not connected.

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