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This is a somewhat special post as I thought it might be nice for readers to see some of my students and get some ideas of how people train with me. On a meta-level I thought it is good to understand that there are many methods ingrained in the form training which are shared in our whole community - they are not just individual skills or "talents". I guess many of these methods can be better seen if compared over a range of practioners. On a micro-level I hope the videos are just enjoyable as they feature enthusiasts who are serious in their pursuit of the art. I might add more later, not everybody likes to share their training but maybe I can nudge some more to lose their shyness ;-)

There is no particular order here, no hierarchy or anything we might happen to see in many (martial arts) communities, we don't really think that way, I just post the videos as they come along... All the best to everyone!

Alberto, Spain:


Antoine, Germany (France):

Ryan, USA:

Linda Yeo, Singapore/Kenia:

Daniel, Munich, Germany:

Lo Juinn Cheng, Malaysia:

Justin, USA:

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