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Chen-Style Taijiquan Network Academy

We represent a modern, precise and powerful Taijiquan (Tai Chi Chuan) in direct Chinese tradition! Our family style is detailed and not easy to learn, which is why it is often called Taiji Gongfu. The training is substantial and requires diligence and perseverance.

Our Chen-Style Network teaches a logical martial system of efficient movements which trains joints, muscles and fascia as well as mental aspects such as mindfulness, intention and presence. The effects on body and mind are considerable for everyone with an assiduous practice. The vigorous movements flow fast or slow in constant interplay. The system is composed of basics, hand and weapon forms and partner training.

Our Taijiquan can be practiced by both dedicated amateurs and committed professionals. We emphasize the practicality and applicability of our kungfu style, the martial as well as the health benefits, transparency in our teaching, a self-responsible learning and an equal student-teacher relationship. Personal development will result from cultivating concentration, stamina and sensitivity. Mutual respect, honesty and fun are as much part of our training as are profound, detailed and authentic contents!

Gongfu Learning

Gongfu means skill or mastery in Chinese. The spelling "kungfu" is more common in the West and it means basically the same thing. Gongfu can only be acquired with devotion over a long period of time. Nobody can give it to you, we can only show you the tools and methods of Taijiquan how to attain it. But you have to work it out yourself! Gongfu should be internalized over many years of practice, after we overcome obstacles, drawbacks and impediments, and don't shy away from them. 

Online Learning

As we have more and more international students and due to Corona we started our new Online Acacemy. Honestly speaking we were all a bit skeptical about online learning in Taijiquan although our Chinese family branch started this already about 10 years ago. But after teaching many students especially during the Corona lockdown we changed our minds as we saw the actual improvement in all those sincerely training online.

That's why we wanted to supplement our teaching with this kind of online training - especially for those interested learning with us and who cannot come to our regular training and workshops. Our aim is to build a digital Taijiquan school which is based on the concept of curated online learning. It is not supposed to be some anonymous internet school but we would like it to embody and display the traditional gongfu family values we cherish. Let's hope we can succeed doing that - with your help! There are certain obvious disadvantages compared to real life learning but actually also some advantages. We listed some of them in this article. So best you make up your own mind if you want to try it out! If you want to find out how you can book a class, please read this post.

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Next Events

2nd Circling Hands (One-Off)
Date 1 October 2020 6:30 pm - 7:10 pm
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We will do a full session on the second circling hands movements. There will be a recording available afterwards for at least 3 days (without the individual coaching parts).

Qigong Week
26 October 2020 8:15 am - 8:45 am
Weekly on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday until October 30, 2020
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One week long we will do a qigong session every day from 8.15 am to 8.45 am. Standing and moving exercises with a focus on mind intent and breathing.   

First Road Chen-Style Taijiquan Gongfujia - Section 2
3 November 2020 6:00 pm - 6:45 pm
Weekly on Tuesday until December 15, 2020
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First Road of Gongfujia in the tradition of Chen Fake, Chen Zhaokui and Chen Yu as taught by Nabil Ranné. We go through one movement every session, with exact details of the requirements and...

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